Introducing the Ceybit Exchange and Mobile Wallet

Foundations of the Ceybit token economy

An Exchange to Drive a Token Economy

At the Heart of a New Token Utility Engine.

Buying back CYBT in real time

Ceybit is attempting to be the first cryptocurrency exchange that will buy back its native token Ceybits(CYBT) in real time.

A portion of transaction commissions will be allocated to this buy back mechanism, in which the CYBTs bought back by the exchange will be partly redistributed and partly burned.

Ceybit is creating a new token model by linking CYBT price to its utility and exchange transaction velocity.

A Wallet Advancing the Use of Blockchains

Locate, Spend and Trade Ceybits and Ether.

Paving the Road to Decentralization

A peer-to-peer solution carefully designed to add value to the Ceybit token economy.

Users are able to transact with each other, discover the nearest Ceybit merchant on the Ceybit Map to trade CYBT for cash or spend at the local store with ease.


An Enabling Gateway for Growth

Giving businesses an Edge with Payments.

Taking Blockchains One Step Further

The payment gateway will leverage the power of the exchange and extend its services to merchants wanting to accept cryptocurrency as tender.

Businesses can get connected to the gateway within a day making it an extremely fast and flexible solution. It has been designed to eliminate existing barriers to entry for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with the help of the blockchain.

For token holders

Stable Ceybit token(CYBT) for a better safe asset. Consistent growth in value overtime.

Resistance to Bitcoin Volatility. Staking rewards on the exchange.

For traders

Get rewarded in CYBT for participation by adding value to the platform. High liquidity and market depth for daily trading.

Quick profits can short CYBT or hold it long as it is designed to be a stable asset that will be organically growing over time.

For Shops

Accept payments in cryptocurrency. Make commission on cash trades.

Market visibility on the Ceybit map. Quickly convert crypto to cash via the exchange to prevent volatility.

For Individuals

Make Remittances from anywhere. Spend Ceybits and Ethers locally. Get easy access to cryptocurrency with cash.

Save on unnecessary high middleman (bank) costs.

For Startups & SME’s

Accept payments online fast. Reach a larger market in a few steps.

No setup fees and annual costs. Get on board with the latest digital trends.

For e-commerce platforms

Attract new progressive users. Reduce costs and drive profitability. Liquidate crypto to cash immediately on the exchange.

Three essential platforms dedicated to the advancement of cryptocurrency digital assets for a new token economy.

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