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Welcome to Ceybit! We are proud to present our team of talented and experienced colleagues all working towards a shared goal of making Ceybit one of the most user friendly, compliant and secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Meet Our Founder “Early cryptocurrency investor, libertarian and believer”

Andrew Holmes

Andrew is a Finance and Accounting professional who is an early investor in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Having worked for large multinational organizations such as Crowe Horwath and Louis Dreyfus Commodities he is equipped with strong organizational, financial and accounting skills.

Andrew is a self-made and self-taught professional, passionate about programming and is currently working towards expanding his skills in UI/UX, JavaScript and Web Development.

Andrew has participated in countless ICOs and is well versed in selecting good quality blockchain projects. Some of his notable early investments are; Ethereum, Golem, Augur and Ant Shares (NEO). Andrew endeavours to continue his research and only add quality projects to the Ceybit Exchange.

He is a highly skilled trader and has been trading in the cryptocurrency space for over 6 years. Starting as a hobby he began to realize he had a natural talent for financial and cryptocurrency markets. He is now committed to creating a world class exchange and is contributing heavily to the structure and user experience of the exchange. As a trader he understands the need for swift exchange performance, and the differences one second could make in these markets.

Andrew is an avid advocate for blockchain technologies, he particularly supports the growth of permission-less architectures for public blockchain advancements. He believes in financial inclusivity and is committed to creating a set of products for Ceybit which will bring value to all stakeholders.

Being extremely hands on with Ceybit he will be utilizing his knowledge in finance and accounting to contribute towards the exchange clearing, customer balances and global ledger systems architecture.

Andrew is an Australian, Sri Lankan, making him a perfect fit to take on the challenge of introducing cryptocurrencies in Sri Lanka. He is also a graduate from the University of Melbourne and can speak English and Sinhalese.

Our Tech Team “over 40 years of experience between them”

Navaseelan Nadesan
Lead Solution Architect

Navaseelan is a highly experienced software applications Architect with over 15 years of experience in software development. He has worked for branches of large multinational organizations as a technical lead in the development of highly scalable real-time applications. He is also well versed with the latest software advancements and has deployed solutions for many e-commerce platforms during his career. Previously he had worked on Sri Lanka’s backbone for online payments infrastructure used in settlements and clearing, which is now a branch of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. With his new-found passion for blockchain technologies Navaseelan is helping Ceybit build a world class platform for cryptocurrency trading.

Shiyanthan Muthiah
UI/UX Engineer

Shiyanthan has over 14 years of UI/ UX and web developing experience. He likes designing creative and interactive applications and have worked on a number of notable projects. Prior to his work at Ceybit, Shiyanthan has worked for Peercore Information Technology and CAMMS assisting in various UI/UX projects. Our website has been built from the ground up by Shiyanthan using pure HTML, JavaScript and Bootstrap. Shiyanthan will be working on Ceybit’s platforms to create highly responsive and progressive user interfaces and experiences. He is also well versed in AngularJS.

Sivatharan Arulanantham
Senior Software Engineer

Siva is an experienced senior software engineer who have over 4 years of experience to bring to the team. He has worked for PickMe (Sri Lanka’s equivalent to Uber), Virtusa and Atrial Edu Lab. Siva enjoys backend applications and finds the blockchain riveting. He loves a challenge and is focused on expanding his horizons and broadening his knowledge of new and innovative technologies. He is proficient in JavaScript and Node.js. Siva will be working on Ceybit’s backend applications logic.

Arik Donowan
Ethereum Smart Contract Engineer

Arik is an Ethereum smart contract and front-end developer with over 4 years of combined experience in AngularJS, ReactJS and Solidity. Arik had previously worked on gaming and betting applications and cryptocurrency forecasting algorithms. Arik also has a master’s degree in Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics from the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Utilising his experience in Ethereum and cryptocurrency Arik will assist Ceybit with the development of the exchange, mobile and gateway applications.

Business Development & Marketing “#engage, #influence #market”

Shane Smith
Marketing and Social Media Manager

Shane is a hands-on professional, with over 8 years of experience in marketing and sales mainly in the airlines and aviation industry. Prior to joining Ceybit, Shane managed campaigns at Qatar Airways' loyalty program Privilege Club and managed the UK market at Group Nordica for The Capstore UK. Shane will responsible for moderating Ceybit`s social media platforms and managing marketing campaigns.

Jerald Fernando
Business Development Manager

Jerald Fernando has over 14 years of business development and marketing experience in the IT and Financial sector. He started his career in the Banking and IT industry focusing on B2B and consumer sales. Jerald is currently heads the Business Development function at Ceybit. Prior to joining Ceybit, Jerald worked for a range of multinational giant including HSBC, Mashreq Bank, DFCC bank, I-Mate and Ritz Carlton where he developed and harnessed his sales and business development techniques.Jerald holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration specialized in Banking from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

Advisors “Carefully selected intellectuals who each have an area of expertise that will greatly assist in the development of the Ceybit Exchange”

Lesley Warnakulasooriya
For Regulations & Compliance

Lesley has a Master’s Degree in Economics at the University of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Lesley has worked as a Senior Assistant Director at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for over 16 years. Lesley then went on to lecture and eventually be a Unit Leader in Mathematics and Economics at Monash College at Melbourne, Australia for over 18 years. Lesley is interested in forecasting economic trends and in his time in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka have worked in micro-financing and developing economic strategies and regulation. Lesley is interested in the new banking economy and how it impacts developing countries.

Bimal Fernando
For Exchange Systems

Bimal is a Co-founder and VP-Engineering of Strata NEXTGEN PTY LTD a proptech company formed in Australia. He has extensive experience in IT platforms, solution Architecture and Database systems. In his previous careers, he has been involved developing Share Trading Systems and managing Share Registry related database systems.

Daniel Hernandez
For UI/UX Systems Design

Daniel has +6 years of experience in technology consulting focus on improving the end-to-end user experience of clients running Big Data Software at BIG scale at Accenture. His expertise in the field and passion for innovation, blockchain and new technologies makes him a perfect advisor not only in UX but also in the solution architecture, strategy and delivery. Highly passionate about the platform he is bringing his innovative ideas and professional attitudes to the project.

Steven Bitondo
CEO & Co-Founder of Node Capital

Steven specializes in merging the blockchain technology and real world applications. He Co-founded Node Capital when he saw the opportunity that a new asset class had to offer in the traditional financial market setting. He and his team implement the real world financial applications of blockchain technology in new and inventive ways.

Corey Stedman
CTO and Co-founder of Node Capital

Corey has 10+ years in IT, where he was exposed to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in 2011, prior to co-founding Node Capital. He has subsequently been actively involved in the industry as both a trader and a thought leader. Corey is currently writing and will publish a “beginners guide” to cryptocurrency and blockchain, where he will share his experience and insights of the industry based on his expertise as a certified Bitcoin professional.

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